The Minesweeper Game Online

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How do I play Minesweeper Online ?

The aim of the minesweeper is to discover all the free squares without exploding the mines on the grid.icon-mine

Left click = clear a square. case_demineur
Right click = place a flag. Flag-exemple
2 Right click = place an index. index-exemple

The number that appears on the clicked boxes indicates the number of mines in the vicinity: left or right, up or down, or diagonally.


With the indications given by these figures, you can find out where the mines are located.
If a square indicates "1" and there is only one undiscovered square nearby, it means that a mine is hiding there! and so on for "2" and "3" and so on... etc...

The counter in the upper left corner indicates the number of mines still to be found.

Counter in the upper right-hand corner is a stopwatch. Your goal is also to finish the game of minesweeper as soon as possible.

With the minesweeper online, you can choose between three standard playing fields with different levels of difficulty.

-Beginner : 56 fields, 10 mines.

-Intermediate : 256 fields, 40 mines.

-Expert (most difficult) : 496 fields, 99 mines.

You can also create a custom playground with a custom height and width and a custom number of mines. Your high scores are recorded in personal record.

The minesweeper works online with all recent browsers and does not require flash or any special installation.

It is of course completely free and contains a few ads. If you encounter a problem, use the "Send a comment" link at the bottom of this page to let us know about any problems.

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