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Minesweeper Online is a website created to celebrate and honor the classic Minesweeper game, responsible for so many joyful hours of procrastination around the world. Our goal is to offer our users the opportunity to challenge their skills and have fun while diving into the laws of logic to detect and flag all the explosives on the game board. 

By offering different game modes, including a customizable one, we strive to serve all players, regardless of their experience playing Minesweeper. Therefore, each mode comes with a different difficulty level associated with it, allowing users to choose and customize how challenging they wish their puzzles to be.

Please note that we are not in any way affiliated with Microsoft nor do we claim to carry their game. The games at Minesweeper Online are original and were developed by Appgeneration.

As part of our purpose to promote and revive these logic puzzle games, we are also committed to being an informative platform by providing useful articles that dive deeper into the history and the mechanics of Minesweeper.

We hope our visitors thoroughly enjoy the experience of playing the Minesweeper puzzles that we have prepared.

About AppGeneration

AppGeneration is a digitally powered company dedicated to the creation of mobile applications and websites in line with the latest state-of-the-art technology and digital developments. Its main goal is to offer users a selection of games and utilitarian tools that are useful and easy to use in the hopes of contributing to a better and more relaxed lifestyle through purposeful digital solutions.

It endeavors to offer software developments and content that adhere to the highest standards while aspiring to positively affect the way people interact with each other and their overall well-being.

For questions about Minesweeper Online or AppGeneration products, please contact us. We will be delighted to help.

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Classic Minesweeper
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